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Vacation Properties for Sale helps clients Rent, Sell, and Transfer their timeshares.  Take a look at our services and see all that we can do for you today. Our philosophy here is very simple, we treat every client as if they were family.  If you’re ready to Sell, Transfer, or Rent your properties, you’ve come to the right place.

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Transfer Your Timeshare

If your properties is paid in full and you would like to give up your properties, as well as its responsibilities and costs, we can help.  We will arrange for you to transfer ownership of your properties.  Fast & Simple Process. GUARANTEED

Sell Your Timeshare

We will assist you in selling your properties regardless of whether it’s paid off or not. Properties sales require professional help. We guarantee that we can help you sell your properties and will not stop until it’s sold. GUARANTEED

Rent Your Timeshare

We can help you rent out your timeshare for top dollar. Our marketing expertise and know how will help you get top dollar rentals, year after year.  We could’nt have made it any easier for you to rent your timeshare.  


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We Give You Peace Of Mind

Whether you just want to stop paying for a timeshare that you no longer use, want to rent out your timeshare without upfront fees, or just want to get out of your timeshare contract, Timeshare Wealth is here to assist. We're a full-service company that will stand by you and walks you through every step of the way.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Cathy S.
Cathy S.Oklahoma City, OK
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Vacation Properties for Sale's staff returned my many calls and answered my questions quickly. They stood by their guarantee and got me out of my Vacation Properties in less than two months. I actually got it for free. I first had them rent my Vacation Properties out for three weeks that I had banked and allowed me to use the proceeds of the rentals to pay them to give away my Vacation Properties. I thought that I'd never stop paying those maintenance fees.
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Vacation Properties for Sale's provided the most unusual experience I have ever had with a telemarketer. They called me up and told me that if I gave them $99 they would rent my Properties out and I only had to pay them after it was rented. For $99, I gave it a shot. They then told me the dates to book, as they already had a rental. This was too easy. They basically called me up and offered me over a thousand dollars to rent out my Vacation Properties (they keep half of the money). I told them if they could prove it, I would do it. They sent me an unedited version of the attached photo. I did it. Vacation Properties for Sale's will be around for a long time if they can make people money that easily.
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Vacation Properties for Sale's rented out my Properties right after they signed me up. They called me and offered me the opportunity to immediately rent my Vacation Properties. I did it and it's booked. I had no idea that they could rent my Vacation Properties so easily. I would recommend them to anyone.


Vacation Properties for Sale